As a Nigerian organization that started operating in the US fairly recently, a major objective is to raise the awareness about our brand.

Claudine, and C Moore Media have provided excellent results for us with positive features in both top business publications and multicultural media.

We are delighted to work with Claudine for a second consecutive year.

Robert BrunnerVPAmerica's Arik Air

…put simply, Claudine, has the Midas touch, she is the epitome of excellence.

Daniel ObiEditor - Marketing and BrandsBusinessDay Media, Nigeria

Having known Claudine for years, she is one of those savvy PR executives that truly knows how to create stories that are engaging to readers and this is what makes her effective and easy to work with.

I am impressed with the work Claudine and her company are now doing in Africa.

She is an innovator at the forefront of utilizing strategic PR to aid the development of Africa with the work she conducts for African organizations, and this is to be applauded.

Busola EvansSenior Magazine EditorUK

Claudine’s dedication and motivation in delivering the best for her clients is second to none.

She is extraordinarily talented and stands out in the PR industry as a genuine expert.

I have watched her build C Moore Media’s African Division, and I continue to be impressed and excited that her knowledge is being leverage by smart and savvy organizations and brands on the continent.

Femi AgboolaManaging ConsultantIBM

Claudine has a most engaging, cheerful outlook on everything that she works on.

She is very persistent and does not give up easily on tasks and assignments that she is pursing.

I found her to be extremely easy to work with and I would recommend her highly for any assignment that her expertise matches up with.

Gene ReinekeFormer Chief Operating Officer, USHill & Knowlton

In every instance working with Claudine and C Moore Media, I could not have asked for more efficient, prompt, solicitous service and follow-up.

I was most impressed with C Moore Media’s handling of an Africa project, which involved organizing a press trip to three countries on that continent.

Claudine’s dedication to her client, her passion for Africa, her resourcefulness and ability to make valuable, timely people-connections, her savvy about the global arena – all of it came together in this project’s successful outcome.

C Moore Media is indeed one of the most trustworthy firms I have ever worked with.

Rosalind McLymontExecutive EditorThe Network Journal, US

Claudine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has the unique ability to be highly professional and personable, and is always approachable and focused on getting the job done.

She is a highly skilled senior counselor and was well respected by clients and colleagues alike.

In summary, a smart, strategic professional who deserves the admiration of being one of the best!

Darren BackSenior Director, Social Investments, Corporate AffairsPfizer

Claudine has immense drive and motivation in her work. She is creative, quick on her feet and understands the fast moving pace of the global media landscape.

It was a delight working with her and C Moore Media.

Claudine is someone that is always professional, strategic, smart and accessible and this results in trust and credibility.

Sital PatelReporterMarketwatch.com (Wall Street Journal)