Africa Focused Communications During a Pandemic

As a response to the COVID pandemic, C. Moore Media hosted a squad of top Africa-focused media and communications folks to talk about how African brands, startups and organizations can maintain visibility and how they should (and should not) convey their news during the current climate…

With over 250+ attendees, Claudine joined other panelists in sharing insights and strategies with the African business community on how to navigate and thrive during the COVID pandemic.

Panelists include Tomi Oladipo of DW News, Omar Ben-Yedder, Publisher, New African Magazine, Gina Din of Gina Din Group, Annie Mutamba,  Co-founder, Africa Communications Week, Jessica Hope, MD/Founder, Wimbart PR, and TV Presenter Nneotaobase Egbe, Channels TV.

Some key insights from the webinar include:

  • Proactive crisis management is no longer an option but a necessity for brands to survive and thrive during and after the COVID pandemic.
  • Brands need to communicate with empathy, humanity re-assurance and inspiration
  • Being Intentional: Brand messaging needs to be aligned with business objectives
  • Human interest and relatable storytelling remain the most effective way to influence action, especially during a crisis.
  • Authentic messaging is a critical element in communicating during a crisis

You can watch the full webinar session here

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